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Refund Policy

Unconditional promise is legitimate till 30 days of request situation, gave that different terms are applied.

In aftereffect of inadmissible plans, you can guarantee your discount through three modes:

I) Toll-Free # +1 213-674-6682

ii) Email us on any official ID

In the event that you are not happy with the underlying Responses gave by The Red Solution Solutions, there is no discount if your undertaking moves to cycle two of logo adjustments. You may demand a discount by sending a composed Refund Request. Upon auspicious receipt of the solicitation, The Red Solution Solutions, will discount the absolute installment made by you, less an assistance and handling expense of 10% on bundle sum for a logo bundle while if there should arise an occurrence of a site, if the site is in the advancement stage the 40% plan cost will be deducted from the bundle sum prepared for discount.

There are no discounts for any surge administration charges. 24-hour configuration charges and 24-hour surge changes are non-refundable.

If there should be an occurrence of discount endorsement, the customer will recover his sum credited inside next 10-15 Business Days.

We won’t engage or discount any requests if the customer stays non-responsive for 45 Days yet the customer can send us an email to hold the undertaking if there is some close to home issue. Likewise on the off chance that the customer is non-responsive for over 60 Days, at that point the customer needs to pay an additional alert expense for example $150 for re-starting the venture.

On the off chance that if the customer needs to relinquish the site part of the bundle following 30 days, discount won’t be material; however we can hold the venture in such case and the customer can come later and kick the task off once more.

Moreover, the client will relinquish the privilege to the discount illustrated above if client demand extra corrections (at least 1 structure changes paying little respect to the unpredictability) or alterations to any of the underlying ideas. You will likewise relinquish the privilege to a discount on the off chance that you don’t react in an opportune way to a status notice from

Should you get a discount, you concur that your acknowledgment of the discount will comprise your sole and select cure as for related Responses. Furthermore, you recognize that you will have no right (express or inferred) to utilize any Response or other work item, substance, or media, nor will you have any possession enthusiasm for or to the equivalent.

If there should be an occurrence of concluding one piece of the request, the client won’t be qualified for a discount for the remainder of the rest of the bundle.


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