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Having a website is not enough, except if it is positioned well according to all the significant web searching tools, particularly Google. The Red Solution will guarantee that you will not only just engage the 90% of the online looks on Google but the other 10% also on Yahoo and MSN (Bing).

Despite the fact that a potential client may search for you on Facebook or Twitter, there is an 87% chance that they will initially seek you on Google before heading off to your website specifically. Having a predominant nearness on Search Engines as well as Web Crawler is as critical to your business as having clients guaranteeing a solid stream of consistent guests to your website.


The SEO services offered by The Red Solution are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients so that their websites or blogs can be promoted on search engines.

The aim of the The Red Solution team is that every client is successfully able to get what they pay for and is not disappointed with the quality of work and customer service provided at The Red Solution.

Updates by google

All the SEO working done by The Red Solution includes allowance for updates such as the recent panda update rolled out by Google. This is because sites are badly affected when Google rolls out an update. Some may be affected to an extent that all the previous SEO efforts are practically rendered useless!

Whenever such an update is released, the The Red Solution team takes full responsibility of helping your website come out of the rankings that it lost as a result of the update.

The team will start its SEO work from scratch and win back the rankings for your website which it lost.

Reverse Engineering

A very interesting aspect of the SEO services offered by The Red Solution is that of its reverse engineering. This basically means that the The Red Solution team takes a good look at the demands of the search engines for the website and the blog it is trying to promote.

Once these demands are properly identified, the next step is to use its strategies and tactics to ensure that your blog or website has all of the requirements  that  can give the search engines what they ask for in the first place and be able to attain higher search rankings in return.

Customer Service

Another thing which the The Red Solution team will do is keep you regularly updated with the status of your websites SEO facts and figures.

This means that all those aspects which are technical in nature and cannot be understood so easily by a person who is not an SEO expert, would be explained to you in layman language.

We do this as it is your right to know everything about your website. Furthermore, if you have queries of your own pertaining to the SEO campaign that is launched for your website, you can always contact us as they will always be entertained with as much information that can be given out so that you are on board with the developments that happens regarding search engine optimization for your website.

We Offer the Following Services:

On-Page SEO

  • Keywords Research
  • Meta titles
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • H1, H2, H3 tags correction
  • Canonicalization implementation
  • Xml site map generation
  • Html site map generation
  • Ror.xml site map generation
  • Urlist.txt generation
  • Geo tags implementation
  • Missing alt and title tags correction
  • Webmaster tools generation
  • Analytics Account Generation
  • Image optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Broken links checking
  • Robot.txt optimization


  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directories Submission
  • Social bookmarks
  • Profile links
  • Classified submissions
  • Forum signature links
  • Blog comments
  • Web 2.0 links
  • Article submissions
  • Urlist.txt generation
  • Press release submission
  • Article Writing
  • Blogs Creation
  • Wiki Links
  • Social media accounts creation
  • Social media pages maintenance

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